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| Last Updated: 08/05/2023

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May 2022 Environment Calendar




postWorld Migratory Bird Day


May 14, 2022

World Migratory Bird Day is a bi-annual awareness campaign for conservation of migratory birds and their habitat, celebrated on Second Saturday of May and October every year.


This year, it will be celebrated on 14th May with the theme to focus on “Light Pollution” and slogan “Dim the Lights for Birds at Night” raising awareness on the negative effects of light pollution on migratory birds and trigger concrete actions to tackle light pollution.



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International Day for Biological Diversity 2022International Day for Biological Diversity 2022


May 22, 2022


United Nations has promulgated 22nd May as the International Day for Biological Diversity to raise understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues.

The theme for 2022 is “Building a shared future for all life”. Fitting within the context of the on-going United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030), which highlights that biodiversity is the answer to several sustainable development challenges, conveying the message that biodiversity is the foundation upon which we can build back better.


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World No Tobacco DayWorld No Tobacco Day


May 31, 2022


The World Health Organization (WHO) holds World No Tobacco Day on 31st May every year, to spread awareness about the risks of use of tobacco and make the world tobacco-free.


The 2022 global campaign theme is “Tobacco: Threat to our environment” aimed at raising awareness among the public on the environmental impact of tobacco – from cultivation, production, distribution and waste, giving tobacco users one extra reason to quit.



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Image and Text Courtesy: Envirotrends