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| Last Updated:17/07/2020

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Posting Order for Temporary Employees (Sikkim Forests) under One Family One Job Scheme



Note: Kindly click on the respective district link to see the posting order.


1st List - Posting Order


» East District [Office Order No. 604/ADM/FEWMD dated 30/01/2019]

» West District [Office Order No. 605/ADM/FEWMD dated 30/01/2019]

» North District [Office Order No. 597/ADM/FEWMD dated 30/01/2019]

» South District [Office Order No. 606/ADM/FEWMD dated 30/01/2019]



2nd List - Posting Order


» East District [Office Order No. 704/ADM/FEWMD dated 02/02/2019]

» West District [Office Order No. 707/ADM/FEWMD dated 02/02/2019]

» North District [Office Order No. 705/ADM/FEWMD dated 02/02/2019]

» South District [Office Order No. 706/ADM/FEWMD dated 02/02/2019]