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Great Backyard Bird Count : Call for Participation


Bird Count Great Backyard Bird Count : Call for Participation


February 17-20, 2017

A national initiative the Great Backyard Bird Count or GBBC 2017, will help highlight local birders, birding as an ecofriendly ecotourism initiative and bird conservation in Sikkim.


So far, in Sikkim:

1.  Roshan Kaushik of Lakshya Organization, South Sikkim and bird enthusiasts of FALCON (Fraternity for Avian Life Conservation) will be covering Kitam Bird Sanctuary, an Important Bird Area (IBA)


2. Members of Photography Club of Sikkim (PCOS) will cover following areas: Ms. Karma Choden, Mr. Tashi and Mr. Sherab: Kabi area in North Sikkim; Mr. Thinley Lepcha: Singhik and Mangan; Mr.  Niraj Thapa: Gangtok and Sang; Mr. Gyatso Bhutia: Kewzing; Mr. Sogyal: Temi; Mr. Kushal Gurung: Pakyong; Mr. Karma Tempo of Enchey SSS and his student group 'Birds of the Same Feather': Gangtok.  On Sunday PCOS plans to visit Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary, another IBA in East Sikkim.


3. Other expected Birders are
Foresters Mr. Krishna Dahal BO, to cover Rabdentse Bird Park or neighbouring areas in West Sikkim and Ms. Karma Choden ACF to cover the IBA Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary;

Members of KCC, Yuksam, Mr. Suraj Gurung, Dr. Partha Sarathi, Mr. Chewang Bonpo Ace Birder with Sikkim Ornithological Society (SOS), Mr. Santosh Sharma, Mr. Shital Pradhan, and many others.


4. Campus Bird Counts are being coordinated at Sikkim University, Sikkim Govt. College and Namchi Govt. College by Dr. Bhoj Kr. Acharya, Mr. Ravi Tamang and Dr. Kamal Chettri.


5. Urbanites and Semi-urbanites of Gangtok, Mangan, Geyzing, Namchi, even folk from far off places like Lachung have been invited to participate as Citizen Scientists!


6. An organization 'Going Wild' under Mr. Dibyendu Ash is participating to cover the Fambonglho WLS, another IBA.


Simple observations on birds, for at least 15 minutes, counting even common ones like Tree and House Sparrows, Common and Jungle Crows, migratory ducks, backyard birds, and posting records on an international platform called eBird, is all that is required.


Birds are important indicators of the health of our habitat. They are the most easily visible 'wildlife' we see around us. Most are scared of us humans and try to stay out of our reach, some are commensal, liking to live near but not to close to us. Gratifyingly Swallows (Gauthali) are the only special birds that do not fear us and thanks to sentiments of our trading community, live and raise their babies within hand-touching distance in shops in bazars!


Events like GBBC, CBC, Common Bird Monitoring Programme (CBMP) are occasions to help us recognize that we do indeed share our planet with some amazing creations of Mother Nature, besides us, that is!


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Usha Lachungpa
State Coordinator, IBCN & GBBC

Principal Chief Research Officer,

Forest, Environment & Wildlife Management Department

Government of Sikkim

Contact: 09434025273