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| Last Updated::23/09/2016

Major Activity



Safai ke Sitare


Swachhagraha is about promoting civic consciousness and attain a sense of ownership for public spaces. The programme aims to engage people and bring about change similar in scale to India s freedom movement where people get involved to take action for Creating a culture of Cleanliness.

Under this campaign, the students have to click a selfie with the stars who support in making the society a clean place to live in. In order to have an environment which is constantly kept clean and to ensure that the citizens live in dirt free surrounding, there are people who are putting endless efforts and labor to do the same. It is essential to dignify and respect the hard work which is put by the sanitation workers and attribute it to be exceptional.

It is about acknowledging and appreciating the silent efforts done by the cleaning staff in our school/home/neighborhood as the Stars of our country.

Age group: 12-15 years (Class VI to IX)


  • Participate by clicking on the Submit Your Entry on
  • Click a Selfie or Velfie (1 minute video) with the Sanitation Stars and upload it with creatively written caption and a story for the photograph or video. Explain Who is in the photo with you, what is his/her name, where does he/she come from, what work does he/she do, how important is their role as Sanitation worker in our life and for the society.
  • Upload this Selfie/Velfie on Swachhagraha website. using hashtag # Swachhagraha # SelfieWithSafaiKeSitare.
  • Best 10 entries will be shortlisted.


To Participate please visit